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The macho king/ The Macho man Randy Savage: Randall Mario Poffo R.I.P 15/11/1952-20/5/2011

 It saddens me to say that my second blog will be in tribute to "Macho Man" Randy Savage also know as the macho king and has wrestle under the name randy poffo.

Randall Mario poffo was born november 15th 1952 in Columbus Ohio. Savage has a younger brother Lanny Poffo who is a former pro wrestler known as "Leaping" Lanny Poffo and many WWF fans will know he as "The Genius".
Savage is a second genertion pro wrestler following the footsteps of his father Angelo Poffo. Savage first broke into the wrestling business in 1973 during the fall and winter of the baseball season.
His first wrestling character was "The Spider Friend" similar to Spiderman. He later took the name "Randy Savage" at a suggestion of the booker from (GCW) Georgia Championship Wrestling Ole Anderson who said the name Poffo didn't fit he was more a savage in the ring.

In june of 1985 Savage signed with Vince McMahon's WWF (World Wrestling Federation) now known as WWE. In his WWF days Savage would become Inercontinental champion 1 time and WWF champoin 2 times. He also formed a tag team with Hulk Hogan called "The Maga Powers". Savage won the WWF King Of The Ring 1987 to become known as "The Macho King"


During his wrestling career Savage would wrestle for different wrestling campanies over the years to become a 7 time world champion. He is very know for the colourful outfits he would wear to the ring.

His bouts with the likes of Hulk Hogan,Ric Flair,Ricky Steamboat,Jake"The Snake"Roberts,Tito Sananta and even The Ulimate Warrior just to name a few.

He married "Miss" Elizabeth Hulette on decemeber 30th 1984 who became his valet in WWF. In september of 1992 the divorced.Later on she was found dead on may 3rd 2003 of drug over dose.

Savage is also know for being a 4 time WCW champion in which he signed with the company in 1994. He was also a member of the New World Order (NWO) the went to war on the WCW. He would leave in 1999.

2004 Savage would make a return to the ring at TNA Total Nonstop Action at Victory Road by confronting Jeff Jarrett. That same year he would team up with Jeff Hardy and Aj Styles to beat The Kings Of Wrestling Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall at Turning Point. In Decemeber 2004 Savage left TNA.

In 2005 he retired.

Savage has a rap album

Savage as also been in many T.V shows and films some include Family Guy,Baywatch,King of the hill and movies like Disney's Bolt and Spiderman.

On May 10th 2010 Savage would marry his long term girlfriend Lynn Payne making he's second wife.

On may 20th 2011 Savage died after an automoblie accident about 10:00am while driving in the street in Seminole,Florida. Its been said he had a heart attack in the car when driving.

"MACHO MAN" Randy Savage R.I.P


Will be missed not forgotten.

You can find him on the 2011 game WWE All-Stars first game since the 90's early 00's.

Also check out WWE's MACHO MADNESS: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection 3 dvd set.


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  1. Brilliant tribute. Randy Savage was one of the greats.